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Why choose Doras Doors

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    Doras supplies its products on an exclusively wholesale basis. Our customer base is made up of builders merchants and door / joinery shops. We don’t sell direct to the public but we welcome any queries you might have about our products and services.
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    You can choose from 130+ doors offerings including modern, contemporary and traditional styles to suit any project or design taste. Whether working on a commercial project, a private dwelling or a building requiring fire-certified doors we have something to suit all your needs including 80 different painted or veneered profiles in architrave, skirting, or door frames to complement.
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    At Doras we pride ourselves on the quality of our products all of which conform to the highest standards We choose only the manufacturers that we know will be able to comply with this quality requirement All products come with manufacturers‘ guarantees and with Doras’ commitment to quality so that you can be assured that you are buying an attractive, quality product fit for purpose.
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    Bringing new and interesting products to the market has always been important for us here in Doras. Pioneering new designs can sometimes bring an element of risk but we pride ourselves in wanting, more often than not, to be the first to the market with something fresh and exciting. We are constantly in touch with our international business partners exploring the possibilities of door fashion with new (eco friendly) materials and interesting colours in either veneered or painted finishes. With the changes we see every year in relation to manufacturing technology and also the increasing demand for style and individuality we consider it a priority to keep ourselves at the vanguard of what is available in terms of door design.
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    We increasingly seek to source products that have been manufactured in such a way as to minimise the environmental footprint of fabrication as can be seen in the Daiken and Erkado product ranges which showcase artificial textured laminate facings as opposed to real wood veneers. This policy assists in the reduction of demand for natural timber resources meaning a lighter burden on the environment. Finally, we subscribe yearly to an independent auditing process that ensures that all our products sourced in the Far East are carefully monitored and compliant to the requirements of the EUTR (European Union Timber Regulation) thus supporting the responsible (and authorised) extraction of natural material from these areas.
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    At Doras we are aware of the impact of unsustainable use of natural resources. It is our goal to use like-minded suppliers for our products so that we and our customers can be confident that the natural material used in the door/timber components has originated in a certified sustained management forest.