Outlining the Benefits of Fire Doors

Fire doors are a type of door specially designed to resist and stop the dangerous effects and rapid spread of fire. Typically, fire doors are manufactured using strong, robust materials like gypsum, glass, steel, vermiculite and other materials. If a fire starts, a fire door will prevent fumes, smoke and flames from rapidly moving and spreading to another room in the building. 


Below, the Doras team has written a short, easy-to-read guide to some of the superb benefits of using fire doors on your commercial project or private dwelling. Have a read to find out more, and if you’re searching for a fire door distributor, then please visit the Doras website or contact us today at: sales@dorasdist.com.


Provide Increase Safety


The main benefit of having fire doors is that they will improve safety in your building or development. This is because they allow individuals inside of a building to be quickly and safely evacuated from the fire. As fire doors prevent a fire from spreading, this will allow you to evacuate people and belongings, giving enough time to get people out of the building and to safety. Having fire doors can save lives and help to avoid potentially tragic circumstances in any fire. 


Help Reduce Damage


Fire doors have a period of time that they can tolerate fire for – this might be 30 or 60 minutes for example. As a result, during this time, they will prevent damage form occurring to your building. Of course, a fire door with a longer endurance will give you more benefits – being able to withstand fire for a greater amount of time. All in all, if you want to minimise the degree of damage that your building incurs from a fire, then a fire door is a smart investment!


Built To Last


What’s more, fire doors are beneficial as they are designed in a way that guarantees robustness, strength and high quality. A fire door will be designed to last and stand the test of time, so it will be a good long-term investment to make. Fire doors are developed and manufactured with performance and efficiency in mind, so you will always be getting both of these two characteristics in any door that you invest in. 




Another excellent benefit of fire doors is that they are soundproof too. In fact, as these types of doors are thick and heavy, they’re often more soundproof than standard internal doors. As such, these doors can serve two purposes – protecting individuals from fires, and providing them with greater privacy at the same time.


Quality Fire Doors in Ireland


If you are searching for a company that provides high quality fire doors for commercial and domestic projects, then Doras is the number one choice. We are a premier distributor of doors, offering a leading selection of the most advanced and innovative doors. Should you be specifically interested in fire doors in Ireland, then Doras offers a wide selection of suitable solutions in a variety of wood types such as Ash, Oak and Primed/Plywood. 


All of our fire performance products are guaranteed to meet your requirements – whether you require a technical or aesthetic solution. What’s more, our fire doors will always ensure that you achieve the required compliance too. To discover our comprehensive range of fire door products – from the FD30 2P Woodgrain to the FD60 Oak 1 Glazed ope GC06 – visit the Doras Doors website today. 

Get in touch with us via phone on (01) 6235444 or email us at sales@dorasdist.com if you have any questions you’d like to discuss with our expert team today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.