Creating Cohesive Interior Design Using Shaker Style Doors

When embarking on an interior design refresh for your indoor space, don’t overlook the importance of updating your doors. Outdated doors can detract from the cohesiveness of your newly designed space. Cohesion is key in interior design as it builds ambiance, unifies the room, and promotes a seamless flow throughout. Consider choosing doors that complement your chosen aesthetic and enhance the overall style of your space, ensuring a seamless blend with your new decor. In this blog, we will explore how you can create a cohesive design using shaker style doors.


What are Shaker Doors?


Shaker style doors are characterised by flat panels and clean lines; the design also lacks any intricate ornamentation; however, it isn’t to say they lack aesthetics. The recessed panels bring a visual appeal and sense of depth, while still having an air of simplicity. The origins of shaker style doors go back to the Shaker religious movement in the 18th and 19th centuries, where simple living was a key aspect of their beliefs. 


A Versatile Design


One of the great advantages of shaker style doors is the versatility they offer. Thanks to the simplicity of the design and the timeless elegance they offer, they are perfectly suited for a wide range of decor options, whether you are looking for something cosy and rustic, sleek and contemporary or the sweet spot in between. The neutral design that shaker doors provide helps create that sense of cohesiveness while giving you a blank canvas to work with. 


Cohesive Integration


As shown above, the versatility of shaker doors makes them an excellent choice for different styles and themes, but it also helps you to create cohesion throughout your home. Even if your rooms have different aesthetics, you can integrate your shaker style doors seamlessly and enjoy the flow and continuity it creates in your home. The cohesive integration offered by shaker doors allows for a seamless transition between rooms, ensuring a balanced flow throughout your home while maintaining individual style and character in each space.


Complementary Pairings


Shaker doors in themselves, create a great design statement, but why not give them something else to work with to really bring the room together? Strategically incorporating other features into your design that are going to complement your shaker doors creates cohesiveness and visually appealing space. Architraves, wall cladding, frames and skirting are all features that could complement shaker doors; you want to make sure everything works seamlessly together to create the most cohesive and aesthetically pleasing image. 


Enhance Visual Interest


The simplicity of the shaker style is what makes it most attractive; it adds visual interest to the room in a subtle way, blending seamlessly with other decor, rather than detracting from anything. The depth of the recessed panels adds a new dimension to space and creates a place where shadow and light can play, adding to the intrigue. The clean lines that shaker style doors offer also enhance the visual interest of the room; the streamlined, symmetrical aesthetic makes for timeless elegance. 


Practical Qualities


Beyond the aesthetics that shaker style doors bring to a space, it’s important to remember that doors also have a primary practical purpose. Durable materials and quality craftsmanship help to provide a long-lasting performance, which is especially beneficial in high-traffic areas of the house, where your doors will be opened and closed more often. The smooth surface and lack of intricate details on shaker doors also make them easier to clean, so you can easily keep your shaker doors looking fresh, clean and aesthetically pleasing.


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