Erkado Shaker Laminate Winter White Clear Glass


Doras Distributors is proud to be the sole agent for Erkado products in the Republic of Ireland.

For double doors a T-lipping must be used.

Rebating a door will invalidate the guarantee and should not be done.

Door Size / Product Code:

Available Options

SKUSizePrice€ PriceStock
E31580 X 34167.48152.254
E31480 X 32167.48152.250
E31378 X 30167.48152.254
E31278 X 28167.48152.256
E31178 X 26167.48152.258
E31078 x 24167.48152.257

Quick Spec:

  • Textured premium laminate facing
  • 44mm thickness
  • Fully finished edges
  • 16mm panel
  • 4mm toughened glass EN12150
  • Unique Homalight core for stability
  • 38mm solid timber perimeter lipping
  • Internal use only