FD30 Eindhoven


This is a 30 minute fire rated version of the very popular solid panel model in the Eindhoven range.
Finish in premium primed white.

Door Size / Product Code:

Available Options

SKUSizePrice€ PriceStock
J71580 X 34148.50135.000
J71480 X 32148.50135.000
J71378 X 30148.50135.000
J71278 X 28148.50135.000
J71178 X 26148.50135.000
J71078 x 24148.50135.000

Quick Spec:

  • 44mm thickness
  • Particle board core
  • 10mm solid side lipping
  • Reducible by 3mm per side
  • Dowelled construction
  • Extra wide stile and rails
  • Glass models – preglazed
  • 5mm toughened glass
  • Premium primed factory finish
  • Internal use only