FD30 Oak Fire door


With an ever increasing level of inspection, choosing the correct fire door, frame and intumescent materials requires careful consideration to ensure compliance.

Our extensive experience in this field will guarantee that the appropriate materials and methodology are utilised to help achieve the required compliance.

At Doras we stock a comprehensive range of fire performance products in service to the requirements of our customers – whether technical or aesthetic.

Door Size / Product Code:

Available Options

SKUSizePrice€ PriceStock
J4912040 X 1026172.04156.4012
J4902040 X 926156.50142.270
J4892040 X 826142.26129.335
J4882040 X 726142.26129.332
J4872040 X 626142.26129.332
J4862040 X 526142.26129.336
J4852040 X 426142.26129.331
J02180 X 34142.26129.3334
J02080 X 32142.26129.3353
J01978 X 30142.26129.338
J01878 X 28142.26129.335
J01778 X 26142.26129.331
J01678 x 24142.26129.332

Quick Spec:

  • 0.6mm oak veneer
  • 45mm / 54mm thickness
  • fd30 / fd60 fire resistant chipboard core
  • 6mm / 10mm hardwood side lipping
  • Glass models – preglazed in fire-rated clear glass
  • High quality factory lacquer
  • Internal use only