Mayfair Belgravia Glass Premium Primed Black


New for 2020 and very different.

Belgravia range showcases a modern look which is all about maximizing the light in any given space by virtue of its thinner stile and rail dimensions.

Innovative and original, these doors represent a refreshing departure from the more conventional door designs that have become common-place in recent years.

Available in pure white and solid black, this range is ideal for someone who is unafraid of making a bolder statement when it comes to interior design.

Door Size / Product Code:

Available Options

SKUSizePrice€ PriceStock
F01680 X 34198.00180.006
F01580 X 32198.00180.00200
F01478 X 30198.00180.0088
F01378 X 28198.00180.0038
F01278 X 26198.00180.000
F01178 x 24198.00180.0018

Quick Spec:

  • 44mm thickness
  • Timber narrow profile stiles and rails
  • 9mm MDF panels (solid doors)
  • Factory premium primed in white (RAL9003) or black (RAL9005)
  • Glass models – preglazed
  • 5mm clear toughened glass (EN12150)
  • Internal use only