Milan 1p 1 Lite Opal Laminate Glass


Using traditional joinery manufacturing methods with a stile and rail construction this classic two panel door design is a welcome addition to our very popular European range. This traditional two panel design comes with three glazing options, Clear glass, Opal Laminate for privacy or unglazed for the customer who wishes to create their own unique look. With its flat panels and raised bolection moulds this design complements the popular trend of timber wall panelling.

Door Size / Product Code:

Available Options

SKUSizePrice€ PriceStock
A079680 X 34178.20165.0033
A079580 X 32178.20165.0032
A079478 X 30178.20165.0018
A079378 X 28178.20165.0012
A079278 X 26178.20165.0016
A079178 x 24178.20165.0010

Quick Spec:

  • 44mm thickness
  • Particle board core
  • 10mm solid side lipping
  • Reducible by 3mm per side
  • Dowelled construction
  • Glass models – glazed
  • 5mm toughened glass
  • Primed
  • Internal use only