Shaker Luxury Laminate Walnut


Daiken is a Japanese internal door and flooring manufacturer with subsidiary companies in China, Malaysia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

The Daiken door uses a tough, scratch resistant, fade resistant, high quality laminate material which comes in a variety of colours including medium and dark grey, oak, walnut, cream, black and others. This material has a simulated woodgrain pattern which has been faithfully represented so as to make it almost indistinguishable from the grain patterns of natural wood.

Door Size / Product Code:

Available Options

SKUSizePrice€ PriceStock
E09580 X 34140.80128.0036
E09480 X 32140.80128.0025
E09378 X 30140.80128.0032
E09278 X 28140.80128.008
E09178 X 26140.80128.0012
E09078 x 24140.80128.0016

Quick Spec:

  • Durable wood effect laminate facing
  • 44mm thickness
  • Painted 10mm solid hardwood edging
  • Reducible by 3mm per side
  • Glass models – preglazed
  • 5mm toughened glass
  • Internal use only