Tacto 7301 Basalt Grey


We are proud to introduce our new addition to the Proma range – TACTO – which offers a suite of premium textured vinyl veneered doors by renowned Spanish door manufacturer Puertas Proma.

The doors feature an elegant opposing veneer aesthetic with a vertical orientation on the stiles and a horizontal in between – an essential choice for anyone seeking a cool and stylish contemporary look in their home.

Door Size / Product Code:

Available Options

SKUSizePrice€ PriceStock
F82780 X 34220.11200.108
F82680 X 32220.11200.104
F82578 X 30220.11200.105
F82478 X 28220.11200.105
F82378 X 26220.11200.104
F82278 x 24220.11200.105

Quick Spec:

  • Solid particleboard core with minimum density of 560 kg/m3
  • 45mm thickness
  • Side lipping in solid timber with vinylacetate adhesive D-3
  • Veneered in vinyl of prime quality of 0.6 mm thickness
  • Edge-banded on whole perimeter in PVC glued with PUR D-4 adhesive
  • Glass models – glazing optional
  • Internal use only

Not a standard stock item – available by special order only