Doras Doors – What Skirting Boards Should you Choose?

Skirting boards are a finishing touch for any room. They can add style and enhance your space, as well as provide practicality, protecting your walls from any damage. With this in mind, it’s really important that you choose the right type and style of skirting boards for your home. Nowadays, there are an abundance of skirting board designs to choose from on the market.

Choosing the right skirting board isn’t always easy; that’s why, the team at Doras Doors has written a post below that delves deeper into this challenge. Read below to learn more about choosing skirting boards for your interior space. If you would like to discover the skirting boards in Ireland that Doras Doors distributes, then visit our website today.

What Types of Skirting Boards Are There?

 As briefly touched on above, skirting boards come in a diverse range of types and styles, each of which has its own benefits and will complement your room’s look and feel in a different way.

The most popular skirting boards to buy are Chamfer, Ogee, Torus, Ovolo and Bullnose/Pencil-round. Chamfered skirting boards are a modern style with a smart, slick straight edged finish going along the top. They’re neat, elegant and minimalist, and can suit any room that they’re put in.

Ogee skirting boards are a traditional style of skirting board; they have a continuous s-shaped profile going along the top side of the board. If you want to add a classic decorative touch to your room, then you can’t go wrong with an Ogee skirting board.

Which Material Should I Choose?

 From MDF skirting boards to hardwood skirting boards, there are many materials to choose from when you’re searching for skirting boards to buy. MDF skirting boards are an engineered product that will provide you with robustness and affordability; they’re resistant to warping and swelling.

On the other hand, hardwood skirting boards are also a superb choice of material. They typically feature dense, slow-growing woods – for instance, oak, ash and beech. If you desire a luxurious option, then a hardwood skirting board is the right choice. Hardwood boards also give you more resistance, so they’ll be able to manage all knocks and scratches. But, they are more difficult to install compared with MDF or softwood, so that’s something to remember.

How Do I Choose The Best Skirting Board?

 Choosing the right skirting board is a huge decision; such a small detail can have a significant visual effect on your space. Generally, when you’re deciding, it’s important to consider the style, period and height of your home. For example, for more modern properties, a simple style such as Chamfer is the right choice; whereas, if you have a period house, a more decorative type like Ogee might be better.

High Quality Skirting Boards in Ireland

 If you are searching for quality skirting boards, then Doras Doors has what you’re looking for. We distribute a broad range of skirting boards in a variety of types including oak, primed/plywood and walnut. Alongside this, you will find an array of colours such as grey, natural and white.

Whatever your individual requirements, the team at Doras Doors is here to help you make the best choice possible. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, then please email us today at or call us on (01) 6235444.