Doras Doors – Obvious Signs it’s Time to Invest in New Internal Doors for your Home

Your internal doors face a lot of daily wear and tear, and over time they can become tired and no longer function as they should. If you’ve had your home’s internal doors for a while without getting new ones fitted, you might notice some signs that it is time to invest in some new ones. Our team at Doras Doors want to share with you some of the signs that indicate it might be time to have new internal doors fitted in your home.

We are Ireland’s leading distributor of doors – providing a stylish range of doors to suit different decor and aesthetics. To learn more about the signs to look out for that mean that you might need new internal doors please visit our website and to browse our full range of internal doors.


It Constantly Feels Draughty in Your Home

Are you starting to feel a slight chill in your home, and noticing a draught coming in that you hadn’t noticed? This is definitely a problem. Over time, our doors sealant material and doorframes degrade and deteriorate – which allows draughts into our home, which in return lowers the temperature of our properties. This could also be due to gaps or cracks that have developed in your door. If your internal doors are letting draughts in, your energy bills will rise due to your home being colder quicker. So if you’re noticing draughts in your home, it’s wise to save yourself money in the long run by investing in new doors.


They’re Difficult To Open or Close

Doors should be able to open and close easily, and you shouldn’t have to force or struggle with them. If you find yourself having to pull on your doors or force them shut, then it might be time to invest in new doors. This could be a potential sign of a bad door installation, or just general wear-and-tear that is affecting the functionality of your doors. The internal doors in our homes need to function properly to provide us with the privacy that we need, as well as to help insulate our homes.


You Can Hear Sounds From Other Rooms

Over time, the acoustic insulation of our doors can diminish which can cause us to be able to hear through our doors into the other rooms of our house. We all want to have privacy in our homes, whether it is to get work done, relax, or sleep and if our doors are not providing us with the privacy that we need then it’s time to start shopping for some new doors. With new, high-quality internal doors you will have the peace and quiet you need, and have privacy again in your home.


Stylish, High-Quality Internal Doors at Doras Doors

We have a wide selection of stylish, high-quality doors to choose from that will ensure to get rid of those annoying draughts, be easy to use, and provide you with the privacy that you need in your home. We currently offer over 130 internal doors in a wide range of styles, designs, materials and colours including the latest design trends and innovations coupled with a broad selection of traditional and classic door models.


Choose between a range of materials for your internal doors, including Ash, Oak, Primed Plywood, Textured Laminate, and Walnut as well as a range of stunning colours that will fit each and every internal aesthetic. All of the doors that we stock are from leading brands such as Arctic, Belgravia, Daiken, and Contract, bringing you some of the very best doors on the market.


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